SIGNATUM – No premine. No ICO. No Dev Fee.


Signatum is a cryptocurrency aimed at offering seamless utility on both public and TOR markets. Signatum is designed to be easily integrated into several applications, including payment platforms, exchanges, and marketplaces. Signatum features the new SkunkHash Raptor algorithm that enables strong ASIC-resistance during the proof of work phase and encourages fairness for miners and investors alike by driving broad coin distribution and ownership while creating real-world application.

Signatum & Anonymity

The internet is a continuously evolving community. Today’s innovations become yesterday’s history. The right to anonymous internet access is regularly challenged and is necessary to protect. The Signatum project offers full anonymity to users as a free selected service by offering completely anonymous nodes that do not track or forward origin IP addresses while utilizing TOR exit nodes to protect themselves. The websites and block chain explorers do not keep track of access logs (they have been disabled). Each service that is part of the Signatum project has internet access from the Deep Web via TOR.

Signatum Features


Proof of Work will ensure that all minable coins are fairly distributed until the 100,000th block is mined. Signatum will then switch to a full Proof of Stake system where 5% of staked coins are accumulated annually with payouts occurring every 5 minutes.

Add Additional Tor Nodes

To secure the Signatum network even further, Tor Nodes will continue to be added to increase network health as well as anonymity.

Signatum Marketplace

A marketplace that will enable people and companies to sell products and services around the world using Signatum as a currency.

Signatum Exchange

A dedicated Signatum exchange site will be created where users can buy and sell Signatum.

Signatum Web Wallet

This makes SIGT easily accessible for transactions from anywhere in the world.


Creating a SignatumPay feature enables merchants to connect directly to the Signatum network and utilize it as a payment option. Combining this feature with SIGTs fast transaction speeds will make the currency more than ideal for merchants to utilize it as a payment option.

Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding through cryptocurrency is becoming more popular and as a result, Signatum aims to create a fair and balanced crowdfunding platform, where investors and entrepreneurs can raise funds for their projects, communicate business objectives and provide updates on project status. Exchanges which support Signatum and some information about which crypto exchanges are the most recommended and how to choose the right one can be found on this website.

Pure Proof of Work

The first phase of Signatum is the proof-of-work phase. The proof of work phase will last for the first 100,000 blocks, or approximately 100 days.

Hybrid PoW & PoS

The hybrid PoS and PoW phase will last for 1,500 blocks. This phase will begin once PoW reaches block 98,500 and will end once miners find and complete block 100,000. The hybrid phase is estimated to last for approximately 1.5 days.

Pure Proof of Stake

Once the available 100,000 PoW blocks have been mined, Signatum will transition into a full PoS coin. Users staking coins through their local wallet will receive a fixed 5% APR with payouts based on the number of coins staked in the wallet.

Skunkhash Raptor Algorithm

A New GPU friendly algorithm

Signatum introduces a brand-new GPU-optimized algorithm, further differentiating it from other mineable coins. Signatum’s SkunkHash Raptor algorithm combines four different hashing functions and one balancer. The hashing functions combined to create this unique algorithm are Skein, CubeHash, Fugue, and GOST-Streebog. Raptor is the developer’s fingerprint and is used to monitor proliferation of the SkunkHash algorithm. The mix of algorithms increases the security of Signatum’s network significantly by increasing the complexity of the hashing function.

The Signatum Community Project

Signatum is purely a community driven project where members take part as a team to discuss current and future developments. Every member in the community has a voice and are free to give suggestions and contribute to the current situation and future development of the project. Just like any other community project, the hardest part is to materialize the ideas and suggestions and that is where the community leaders come in. Community leaders are the members who contribute to the core development of services and the project design itself. The community leaders are very vocal in the project because they believe strongly in the success of the project.

1. Voice of community

All members present in official Discord and Telegram channels have been kind enough to come up with ideas and suggestion based on their real life professional and personal experiences. Signatum community has people from all walks of life. Whether its designing, programming, IT infrastructure, general management; they are active and contribute their best efforts.

2. Plan of action

Once something has been agreed upon in the community, designers and programmers get to work. The contributions are passed on to the concerned and reach the core developers who actually implement a component or a service.

3. Evaluation

After the implementation, the community discusses the state and makes comments and recommendations. If needed, it goes back to the drawing board and moves up to implementation again. This process is repeated until a consensus is achieved within the community.